My goal for the coming year is To Live A Life of Love.

The end of the year can be such a melancholy time when we remember the friends and family we’ve lost, and all the many things we’d hoped to accomplish and didn’t. It’s also the time to look forward to beginning a New Year with sincere enthusiasm. I’m determined to separate my writing office from my art materials and projects. It should mean both areas will be far easier to keep clean and well organized. Wish me luck! I wish you great success with your hopes and plans for 2017.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I love hearing from readers, and your questions inspire me. If you have a favorite period in history, let me know. I’ve written books set in Viking days through the American West and into the Future, all filled with adventure and romance. Facing a dangerous challenge gives the hero real substance and an opportunity to prove he’s worthy of the heroine’s love.

With Futuristic romance, the heroine is as brave and daring as the hero and together they form an unbeatable team. They overcome every threat and find a passionate love as well. In 2015, I updated fan favorite, BEYOND THE STARS, and it is now available as an ebook as OUTLAW RISING. STARFIRE, a Rom Con winner for best Futuristic Romance is now STARFIRE RISING. CYBORG RISING is a new book set on Earth, filled with adventure, and a poignant romance that is sure to touch your hearts.

My son Jeff gave me a remarkable idea for a Noir mystery that was simply too good to miss. Written as P.J. Conn, MURDER ME TWICE is the first of my Joe Ezell detective series. Set in Los Angeles in 1947, soon after the Black Dahlia murder, there is a confounding mystery, quirky characters and an ending you won’t see coming. STAIRWAY TO MURDER will be the second in the series. As a mystery, the focus is on the characters and solving the crime. There is a mere hint of romance between Joe and his red-haired girlfriend, Mary Margaret McBride. It’s available in ebook and print.

For those of you looking for paperback books to replace one that’s been read to a frazzle, or to try one you missed, multiple copies are available of LOVE’S ELUSIVE FLAME, SAVAGE FIRE, ECSTASY’S PARADISE, CAPTIVE HEART, SAVAGE STORM, LOVING FURY, ARIZONA ANGEL, TEMPT ME WITH KISSES, WILD DESIRE and MANGO SUMMER. Copies are $5.00 each, which includes shipping and you can pay by check, money order or paypal. Click here to order your copy.

When you find a favorite among my books, please tell your friends and write a review. Reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or a mention on Goodreads, help new readers find my books. A shared link on Facebook lets your friends know your favorites. Thank you again to all my long-time fans who have placed my books on a keeper shelf. Welcome again to new readers. I love you all. Please read my News section for the intriguing story of how my next romance featuring the lovely Helen of Troy came to be.

My hope for the year at the opening of this message is a quote from Christian Agudelo. He left us much too soon and is dearly missed every day. May we all strive to follow his example: To live a life of love.