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Firece PassionIn FIRECE PASSION, Ana Santillan is at a crossroads. She’s mourning the loss of her lover, famed matador Miguel Aragon, and numb to thoughts of love. She’s a tall, willowy high fashion model who has worked steadily from childhood. Tired clear to her soul, the prospect of shifting careers and becoming a fashion photographer is increasingly appealing. To avoid being recognized by fans, she dons black punk garb on Sundays and moves anonymously through Barcelona’s trendy cafés. She meets Alejandro Vasquez one Sunday afternoon while wearing her dramatic punk disguise. He introduces himself as an architecture student, and she sees no harm in a playful romance with the charming young man until she begins to care for him and knows he deserves the truth.

Alejandro guards his privacy as fiercely as Ana shields hers, and he doesn’t reveal he’s the heir to a shipping fortune. While he longs to escape his family obligations and live his own life, it isn’t easy to break away. When Ana is injured in a car accident, he claims to be her husband to rush medical treatment. When she awakes with a hazy memory, he convinces her the convenient lie is the truth. When Ana discovers how easily he deceived her, she leaves him. Alejandro fights for her love knowing they are a perfect pair, if only they could learn to tell the truth no matter what the consequences. A dangerous admirer is stalking Ana, and Alejandro fights to protect her and prove he’ll be a worthy husband if she’ll marry him and make their marriage real.

Firece PrideFIERCE PRIDE was published as an E-book in February, is the second book in my Bullfighter’s Daughter trilogy and begins soon after FIERCE LOVE ends. Libby Gunderson drops everything, her college classes and her personal trainer job to fly to Spain. Her mission: convince her sister, Magdalena, that marrying Rafael Mondragon, a Gypsy matador, would be a disastrous mistake. Libby finds an unexpected ally in Santos Aragon, one of Spain’s most popular bullfighters. When he’s blinded by a mirror flash and injured in the ring, she volunteers her kinesiology skills to help him recover, and all that up-close-and-personal time has her looking for a Spanish fan to cool off.

Santos is too busy with his career and looking after his late father’s other children to consider a marriage and family of his own, but he’s eager to give Libby a summer she’ll never forget. Her hands on therapy sessions explode into a flash of need, bonding them in passion while danger stalks Santos. Libby never forgets her life is across the sea, and Santos must decide if his true love is in the ring…or with the woman he’s come to adore.

Warning: Contains hot sex, life-threatening danger, and men who challenge death for a sport. I promise no bulls were harmed in the writing of this book.

Spring 2012

Swept Away Originally published in 1994, SWEPT AWAY is now available as an E-book in Samhain’s Retro Romance program.

When the wealthy family of Virginia belle Eden Sinclair sends her to London to escape the horrors of the Civil War, it isn’t far enough for her to escape heartbreak. In a whirlwind romance, she is courted by the Earl of Clairbourne, married and soon widowed. Her head hasn’t even stopped spinning when the Earl’s heir, dashing sea captain, Raven Blade, offers the comfort of his arms. Raven never wanted a wife, until Eden. Honor kept him from competing with his uncle for her love, but now that her marriage bed is empty, there is nothing stopping him from making her Lady Clairbourne again and taking her home to his plantation in Jamaica to shield her from the resulting gossip.

In a dangerous quest to win her heart, Raven volunteers to captain her father’s ship, a Confederate commerce destroyer, Southern Knight. Even as he risks his life, he harbors a dangerous secret. His absence from the plantation leaves Eden, and the growing child in her belly, vulnerable to someone who’d rather see her dead than take her rightful place beside the Earl of Clairbourne.

Warning: Contains a dashing hero who doesn’t stand on tradition, and a vulnerable heroine who must sort through a tangle of volatile emotions and raw desire that could teach even tropical Jamaica how to steam.

By Love Enslaved SWEPT AWAY was First published in 1989, now available as an E-book in Samhain Publishing’s Retro Romance program.

Captured on the Isle of Erin by a raiding Norsemen, Brendan has spent the last several years as a slave, passed from one owner to the next. Now the property of a prosperous Danish farmer, he passes the time playing family members against each other. All the while bargaining himself one step closer to a near-impossible dream, an escape and voyage home. He regards his current mistress as little more than a pagan bitch, until her unexpected kindness rouses completely unwanted feelings of desire.

Dana wants only to have the family farm run smoothly while her father and brother are away for the summer. It’s not her fault that her aunt can’t control her female servants lusting after Brendan, but the belligerent slave is now her responsibility nonetheless. Except he’s different from any slave she’s ever known. He’s rakish and charming and his fine horsemanship is an asset she could use…if only he’d obey. A risky flirtation and magic kisses soon become a dangerous passion that burns away the line between mistress and slave. If she gives him his heart’s desire, freedom, it could cost her everything.

Warning: A Celt slave fights for his freedom and the love of a Viking woman he adores in an unforgettable adventure with love as the ultimate prize.

Captive Heart CAPTIVE HEART is a February ebook in Samhain’s new Retro Romance line. I traveled through Scandinavia to do research for the book. There are museums displaying one thousand-year-old beautifully crafted items from the Vikings’ daily lives. I love their fantastical intertwined designs  decorating nearly everything. Their artists  embellished every available surface. There is also a museum at Roskilde, Denmark with five Viking ships that were recovered from the harbor in 1962. In approximately 1070, the ships were sunk to protect the city from invasion. Preserved by the icy waters of the North Sea, they are displayed in a stark modern building by the shore. Standing beside them, I felt an eerie sensation, as though the ships were haunted by the brave men who’d sailed them.            

In CAPTIVE HEART, Celiese d’Loganville lives in a shadow. Though she is the beloved handmaiden of a Viking lord’s daughter, it matters little. She is a slave in a gilded cage who tells no one of the violent Viking raid that haunts her memories. Or the daily nightmare her life has become. When her mistress refuses to wed a man rumored to be horribly disfigured, Celiese seizes her one chance for freedom. Maybe even love. No one needs to know the face behind the veil is an imposter.

Mylan has no need of a wife who’d pity him. But the enchanting and perplexing young woman presented to him boldly ignores his scars even as her eyes betray a nameless fear. Rousing within him a need to soothe her with a gentleness she didn’t expect…and seduce her with tender persuasion. When treachery parts them at dawn, Celiese must fight for her life, for her dream of home and family…and to regain Mylan’s shattered trust and love. Filled with romance and adventure, CAPTIVE HEART is a lush romance, the type that made the historical genre so popular.

Fierce LoveFIERCE LOVE will be a May release from Samhain Publishing. The inspiration for the story came when a dear family friend married a bullfighter’s daughter. A bullfighter’s daughter! It was a beautiful wedding, and I met the matador, but my story is a wholly imaginative one. Many famous men have a succession of wives and clusters of children with each one. My heroine, Magdalena Aragon, was born after her parents divorced, and she’s never met her father. When he summons her to Spain, she goes intent upon telling him what a failure he was as a father. When she finds him seriously ill, nothing she’d meant to say is appropriate.

Her half brother, Santos, tells her fascinating stories about their kin. Her father’s protégé, a Gypsy, Rafael Mondragon, coldly views Maggie as a rival for her father’s time, until he discovers she shares his passion for flamenco. This is a couple that dances their way to love. The real danger lurks outside the bullring, and the exciting love story escapes tragedy by mere seconds. Maggie regards bullfighting as animal abuse and there are no detailed bullfights in the book. There is a tangled family with all the resulting drama, and a love story you’re unlikely to forget. I’m working on Santos’ story now because the powerful Aragon family has so many intriguing stories to follow.

Spring 2011

Where Dreams BeginWHERE DREAMS BEGIN is my June 2011 release from Samhain Publishing. Catherine Brooks is a young widow who seeks to rebuild her life by volunteering at Lost Angel, a center for homeless and runaway teenagers in Hollywood, California. A former high school English teacher, she’s looking for valuable experience that will ease her return to the classroom in the fall.

Luke Starns is the center’s director. He lost his teenage daughter to suicide, his marriage collapsed soon afterward, and he’s fighting to hold together what remains of his life. He’s a psychologist and resigned from a prestigious university position to create a safe haven at Lost Angel. He believes Catherine is too sympathetic to be an effective volunteer. She doubts he has the heart to do his job well.

WHERE DREAMS BEGIN opens with a murder. A pimp  who’s preyed upon pretty runaways is murdered by a woman dressed in red who strolls away in platform heels. Luke says, “Good riddance”. Certain nothing is as it seems, Catherine believes there’s far more to the mystery. When two more pimps die, police detectives suspect the murderer in the red dress might be a teenager from Lost Angel. Luke adamantly denies it, but Catherine can’t help but wonder. Both Catherine and Luke need each other’s love to heal their broken hearts, but with danger circling ever closer, the real challenge may be to survive.

I hope everyone loves the book and will consider posting a review on

I downloaded the free Kindle for Mac program and have begun reading ebooks. You don’t have to buy a Kindle, or other ebook reader to enjoy ebooks. The free Kindle for Mac and free Kindle for PC make it possible to easily buy and enjoy ebooks. The large print on the computer screen is so easy to read, which is another bonus!

Fall 2010

Defy the World TomatoesDarcy MacLeod is a landscape designer in a quaint beach town, and part owner of the popular nursery and gift shop, Defy the World Tomatoes. When Griffin Moore, a renown concert pianist, moves into town and hires Darcy to landscape his new home, she finds the handsome man not only irresistible, but darkly dangerous as well. Griffin is a man as passionate as his music, and as he draws Darcy into his extravagant world, she must fight not to lose her own.

DEFY THE WORLD TOMATOES, will be released in ebook format from Samhain Publishing, Ltd. in November.



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