Where Dreams Begin

About the Book

WHERE DREAMS BEGIN is my June 2011 release from Samhain Publishing. Catherine Brooks is a young widow who seeks to rebuild her life by volunteering at Lost Angel, a center for homeless and runaway teenagers in Hollywood, California. A former high school English teacher, she’s looking for valuable experience that will ease her return to the classroom in the fall.

Luke Starns is the center’s director. He lost his teenage daughter to suicide, his marriage collapsed soon afterward, and he’s fighting to hold together what remains of his life. He’s a psychologist and resigned from a prestigious university position to create a safe haven at Lost Angel. He believes Catherine is too sympathetic to be an effective volunteer. She doubts he has the heart to do his job well.

WHERE DREAMS BEGIN opens with a murder. A pimp  who’s preyed upon pretty runaways is murdered by a woman dressed in red who strolls away in platform heels. Luke says, “Good riddance”. Certain nothing is as it seems, Catherine believes there’s far more to the mystery. When two more pimps die, police detectives suspect the murderer in the red dress might be a teenager from Lost Angel. Luke adamantly denies it, but Catherine can’t help but wonder. Both Catherine and Luke need each other’s love to heal their broken hearts, but with danger circling ever closer, the real challenge may be to survive.

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