Starlit Ecstasy

About the Book

Moonlit Magic

As San Francisco’s most successful attorney, Dashing Rafael Ramirez had no time for entanglements with women, until he saw stunning Alicia Caldwell aboard the Reina del Mar.  Her honey-gold curls beckoned for his touch; her pouting pink lips invited his passionate kiss.  Never one to turn away the opportunity for a brief, exciting fling, the reckless black-haired lawyer pulled her into his demanding embrace.  But the moment he fit her luscious curves against him, he groaned with desire–and dismay–for he knew even a lifetime would never be enough to savor the sensual pleasures only she could give!

Seaside Spell

For heiress Alicia Caldwell, there were only two kinds of men: grasping, fortune hunters and wealthy boors.  But when her gaze traveled over Rafael’s virile frame and handsome features, she turned hot with desire instead of cold with disdain.  Before she could think to refuse him, she was shamelessly clasped against his muscular chest and hungrily matching his relentless ardor.  Somewhere in the back of her mind she resolved he’d never win her money or he love, but now all she could do was give in to tumultuous rapture–surrendering her heart to Starlit Ecstasy.