Rapture’s Mist

About the Book

Guardian of the Past

Dedicated to preserving the old ways, Tynan Thorne had led the austere life of a recluse.  He had never laid eyes on a woman until the ravishing Amara swept into his spartan bedroom to change his life forever.

Child of the Future

Daring and uninhibited, Amara set out to broaden Tynan’s viewpoint, but she never expected that the area he would be most interested in exploring was her own exquisitely sensitive body.  Nor did she guess that his lack of experience would be more than compensated by natural talent.

Rapture’s Mist

Master of self denial and mistress of sensual delight, Tynan and Amara were a study in contracts.  but as their bodies united in explosive ecstasy they discovered a whole new world where together they could soar among the stars.