Murder On Stillettos

About the Book

— Los Angeles, 1947 –-

Constance Remson, a wealthy young society woman, hires Joe Ezell to follow the man she is dating, Matteo de Milano–a famed cellist known for his brief but torrid affairs. Joe finds the amorous musician dead, the victim of a savage assault with a stiletto heel.

Now, Constance wants Joe to solve the mystery surrounding her former lover’s death.

But, with a long list of beautiful jilted lovers—of which any one could have spun rejection into murder—an unexpected insight brings the murderer to justice and earns Joe some much needed respect.

Publisher Note: The Detective Joe Ezell Mystery Series is a “clean and wholesome” read with no sex or vulgar language and will be enjoyed by readers of cozy mysteries and classic detective “whodunit” mysteries in the spirit of Sam Spade and Humphrey Bogart. While not a true noir or hard-boiled mystery, this series captures the charm of film noir without the drugs, sex and beatings.