Murder on Ice

About the Book

Up and Coming Starlet Gets ICED in, Murder on Ice by P.J. Conn
Los Angeles, California, 1947
When aspiring actress Cookie Crumble is found dead in a refrigerator in a vacant apartment, the police immediately suspect the landlord’s son whose father hires gumshoe PI Joe Ezell to find the true killer.
With a long list of suspects from ardent fans, to jealous lovers, to the mobster who Cookie rebuffed, Joe goes undercover as an actor. Did Cookie’s dreams of silver-screen fame lead to her murder? But the closer Joe gets to the truth, the more likely he is to get iced.

Publisher Note: 
The Detective Joe Ezell Mystery Series is “clean and wholesome” with no sex or vulgar language, and will be enjoyed by readers of cozy and detective mysteries. Content is appropriate for ages 16+.

The Detective Joe Ezell Mystery Series, in order

  1. Murder Me Twice
  2. Stairway to Murder
  3. Murder on Ice
  4. Murder on Stilettos