Midnight Blue

About the Book

Sarah Godwin Hadley, a very pregnant widow of a British officer, sails for England intending that her child will be born there, as was his father.  When her ship is captured by American privateer, Captain Christopher MacLeod, they agree on absolutely nothing but the strength of the powerful attraction sizzling between them.

Christopher MacLeod is among the most successful privateers fighting to disrupt England’s commerce during the Revolutionary War.  He sees Sarah Hadley only as an enchanting young woman, and too late realizes she makes the very worst of prisoners.  Not a man who gives up easily, however, he strives to win her heart, although it proves to be his greatest challenge.

Sarah had escaped her domineering father by marrying a man she admired, if not loved, and she fights not to love a man whose Revolutionary ideals she cannot admire.  It isn’t until a hurricane threatens their lives and Chris chooses to remain with her to deliver her son that she realizes what a fine man he truly is.

They become lovers on the exotic island of Martinique, but when Chris is injured in one of the last battles of the Revolutionary War, he rejects the very devotion he worked so diligently to inspire from Sarah.  Their roles are now reversed, and it is Sarah who must tame Chris’ restless heart if they are to become the family she believes they were meant to be.