Mango Summer

About the Book

A woman may give a man all the sensual pleasures he desires, but she must never give him her heart.

This was the lesson Delphine Antoine’s mother had taught her from birth.  A rare beauty, Delphine was trained to be an alluring temptress meant for a life of pampered luxury as the mistress of a rich man.  Eager to put her erotic training to practical use, Delphine relished the challenge of seducing the dark, brooding Earl of Clairbourne, Lord Michael Elliott Mallory.

Alone together on a lush, tropical Caribbean island, Delphine was sure Michael would be eager to indulge in her talents.  Yet despite the freedom of their exotic surroundings, he proved resistant to even her most intimate persuasions.  Was there more to making love with a man than physical pleasure?  In the sultry heat of the mango summer Delphine and Michael discovered that perhaps her mother had it wrong, and only by giving their hearts could they find the greatest ecstasy.