Loving Fury

About the Book

In LOVING FURY Angelique Devereau is a lovely young woman forced to pose as a retiring child to aid her widowed mother’s plan to wed the wealthy Spaniard who has taken them in. Her mother saved them from certain death in France by fleeing to Spain, and Angelique owes her a devoted loyalty, but it’s time for her to assume her rightful identity as a woman and find a love of her own.

Diego Aragon returns home late one night after a long voyage and finds Angelique in a lace nightgown in the family garden. She enchants him, but disappears at dawn. Eager to find her, he engages the sweet child he assumes Angelique to be in his pursuit of the elusive beauty. Angelique offers helpful hints to the young man she’s come to adore, but when he discovers just who she really is, he swears he’ll make her pay for playing him for a fool.

Angelique and Diego form a passionate pair with wild adventures on land and at sea. They must escape vicious pirates and the treacherous jungles of the Yucatan to find the love they first glimpsed in a quiet moonlit garden. Diego comes to treasure Angelique’s deft twists of the truth with a LOVING FURY.