HELEN: The Wine Dark Sea is OUT!


Paris and Helen of Troy are remembered for the passion of their forbidden love. HELEN, The Wine Dark Sea brings the mythic lovers to life, crowned with the breathless splendor of the magnificent Bronze Age.

Helen is the remarkably beautiful daughter of the god Zeus and the Spartan Queen Leda. Never a well-behaved princess, she prefers a rambunctious life riding horses with her brothers. When she’s kidnapped by the King of Athens, she rebuffs him with a stunning strength of character. Freed by her brothers, she’s a woman now, but not the gentle lady her mother had hoped she’d be. She marries Menelaus, a man she’s known from childhood, but does not love.

When Paris is born a prince, his sister, Cassandra, foretells a dark future that will bring the destruction of Troy. Greatly alarmed, King Priam, hands the infant to a herdsman to kill. Charmed by the baby boy, Agelaus cannot bear to harm him and raises Paris as his own.

Once grown, Paris becomes the prince of Troy he was born to be. Aphrodite has promised him the most beautiful woman in the world, and he comes to Sparta to find her. The gods have entwined his destiny with Helen’s, and they soon become lovers. Paris refuses to see the danger Helen knows will come, but their love is far stronger than any threat of war.

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