Fierce Passion

About the Book

In FIERCE PASSION, Ana Santillan is at a crossroads. She’s mourning the loss of her lover, famed matador Miguel Aragon, and numb to thoughts of love. She’s a tall, willowy high fashion model who has worked steadily from childhood. Tired clear to her soul, the prospect of shifting careers and becoming a fashion photographer is increasingly appealing. To avoid being recognized by fans, she dons black punk garb on Sundays and moves anonymously through Barcelona’s trendy cafes. She meets Alejandro Vasquez one Sunday afternoon while wearing her dramatic punk disguise. He introduces himself as an architecture student, and she sees no harm in a playful romance with the charming young man until she begins to care for him and knows he deserves the truth.

Alejandro guards his privacy as fiercely as Ana shields hers, and he doesn’t reveal he’s the heir to a shipping fortune. While he longs to escape his family obligations and live his own life, it isn’t easy to break away. When Ana is injured in a car accident, he claims to be her husband to rush medical treatment. When she awakes with a hazy memory, he convinces her the convenient lie is the truth. When Ana discovers how easily he deceived her, she leaves him. Alejandro fights for her love knowing they are a perfect pair, if only they could learn to tell the truth no matter what the consequences. A dangerous admirer is stalking Ana, and Alejandro fights to protect her and prove he’ll be a worthy husband if she’ll marry him and make their marriage real.