Dawn of Desire

About the Book

His people whisper of her—the golden-eyed prophetess descended from a god. Only she, so they say, can interpret the mystical Stones of Tomorrow and foretell happiness or grief, life or death. Egan of the Dál Cais is unmoved by the prophetess’s warnings, but he coaxes her to pose as his mistress to help him discover the traitor who killed his father. When the sham mating becomes a sensual reality, the dark warrior will defy anyone, even his own Clan, to keep the slender beauty by his side—and in his bed.

Oriana looks at her handsome protector and sees only the bronzed masculine perfection of his body and the knowing desire in his blue eyes. Her gift has deserted her when she needs it most, and surrounded by enemies, she is left with no knowledge but that of her heart, urging her to trust in a fate she cannot foresee and a love she was never meant to resist.