By Love Enslaved

About the Book

Every house has its secrets…

Captured on the isle of Erin by raiding Norsemen, Brendan has spent the last several years as a slave, passed from one owner to the next. Now the property of a prosperous Danish farmer, he passes the time playing family members against each other. All the while bargaining himself one step closer to a near-impossible dream. Escape—and home.

His regards his current mistress as little more than a pagan bitch. Until her unexpected kindness rouses a completely new—and unwanted—feeling. Desire.

Dana wants only to have the family farm run smoothly while her father and brother are away for the summer. It’s not her fault that her aunt can’t control her female servants’ lusting after Brendan, but the belligerent slave is now her responsibility nonetheless.

Except he’s different from any slave she’s ever known. He’s rakish and charming, and his fine horsemanship is an asset she could use…if only he’d obey. Risky flirtation and magic kisses soon become a dangerous passion that burns away the line between mistress and slave.

But if she gives him his heart’s desire—freedom—it could cost her everything. Especially her heart.

This book was previously published.

Warning: A Celt slave fights for his freedom and the love of the Viking woman he adores in an unforgettable adventure with love as the ultimate prize.