About Phoebe

51axdsm29UL._UX250_It’s a thrill to have this beautiful new web site. I hope both my long-time and new fans will be pleased with what they learn about my work and me. First of all, I dearly love men and romance, and whether my books are historical, contemporary, or futuristic, my focus is always on creating such a complex and charming hero and heroine their unique love story will remain a favorite. Whenever asked to speak to a group, I always give Ricardo Montalban the credit for inspiring my writing career. I was a teacher enjoying a leisurely summer vacation when I saw his television commercial for Silhouette Romances. I turned to my son, Jeff, and asked about writing such a book. An enthusiastic reader, he responded, “Go for it, Mom.” Rather than a chance remark during a movie, Ricardo’s mellow voice describing, “Romance the way it used to be…”, instantly combined with my son’s encouragement to change my life.

I had always read bestsellers while soaking in my nightly bubble bath, but not romances. Our local library puts out heaps of paperback romances for the summer, and I went and gathered up an armload. I didn’t simply skim the books, but actually outlined them to understand the characters and structure before studying books on  writing a novel. In other words, I tackled writing as a career which demanded diligent preparation. Novice writers are always wise to take classes and really study the craft rather than simply believe all they need is a quirky idea. Original ideas are wonderful, but they deserve to be presented to editors in a professional, polished manner. Writing the short contemporary books was such fun, it appeared writing a long historical set in my native California would provide an even greater thrill. I had a marvelous time creating the world’s most macho man, and the suffragette he found maddeningly impossible to control. LOVE’S ELUSIVE FLAME was my first sale, and MURDER ME TWICE a December 2015 release from ePublishing Works! will be book forty-one.

So many writers know from the time they are small children and pick up a pencil that they wish to become writers. I’ve never met another who was inspired by a television commercial! The fact I loved to read, however, was definitely an important element in my success. I was also blessed to have grown up in a loving home with parents who read to me daily. I wish every child had such a devoted family, because reading nurtures the lively imaginations vital for success in every career. Art was my major at the University of Arizona. I then graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a BA in Art History. I also studied for my Elementary Teaching Credential and earned my MA in Education/Gifted there. Obviously my education required a great deal of research. I’d also written many term papers so becoming a writer was a natural extension of my skills.

While I’ve had the opportunity to live in Germany and travel throughout Europe on several occasions, California will always be home. It is such a lovely state and filled with dear family and friends. My sons, Jeff and Drew, are grown. They keep me constantly in stitches and make wonderful hero material.  It’s also handy to have two strong young men available to move heaps of books whenever necessary! I hope readers enjoy the rest of my web site. Thank you again for loving my books and keeping them in your collections. If you have any questions or comments on any of my love stories, please send them, and I will do my best to respond promptly with an entertaining reply. May you always be surrounded by love and have fascinating books to read.